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     When it comes to recreational vehicles and small industrial vehicles, Azusa has one of the largest arrays of small wheels available anywhere.
     Because Azusa has the inventory and variety to suit almost any design requirement, you can choose a material, design and size to suit your product's needs.
     We can supply unassembled wheel halves and matching hardware, pre-assembled wheel sets, tires and tubes to fit, with or without bearings and an assortment of top-quality wheel accessories.

     Click on a link below for more information and then contact us with your product requirements or ask about an Azusa Dealer near you.

5 inch "Tri-Star"

6 inch "Tri-Star"

6 inch "Astro"

8 inch "Spinner"


4 inch Nylon Wheel
4 inch "Azusalites"

5 inch Nylon Wheel
5 inch "Azusalites"

6 inch Nylon Wheel
6 inch "Azusalites"


10 inch

ATV & Trailer



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